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Next Snowstorm Not a Big One

Everybody just calm down, this storm shouldn't dump a huge snowfall



    Next Snowstorm Not a Big One
    Jennine Ottomano
    Our boys, Michael and Jack Ottomano in the snow on Feb. 11, 2010 in North Wales, Pa.

    There have been all sorts of rumors about our next storm that is due early next week.

    We've heard stories that it is going to be worse than any storm we've seen this winter. Another person said they heard that we would get 24 inches.

    Well, it sure doesn't look like that, not even close!
    The storm is in the eastern Pacific now, and a piece of it will be tracking from west to east across the country.

    It will NOT be coming up from the Gulf of Mexico, which would bring lots of moisture. And the upper-air pattern does not look favorable for a storm to stall or rapidly intensify along the east coast.

    Inside Weather: This Storm Won't Be Massive

    [PHI] Inside Weather: This Storm Won't Be Massive
    Glenn says just calm down. The rumors that next week's impending storm will not be nearly as bad as what we've gotten earlier this winter.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 19, 2010)

    After looking at the latest computer models, the odds favor a storm that would probably start as snow and then change to rain.

    The storm track looks just too far north to keep the cold air in very long. Instead, it would bring warm air up the coast.

    Of course, it is too soon to tell how much of the storm would be snow vs. rain, but the best chances of more snow would be north and west of Philadelphia, and the best chances of mainly rain would be south and east of the city.

    On the flip side, we don't want too much rain, since that would lead to a flood threat -- with all the snow that is still here.
    Arctic air will return to the area behind that storm, meaning the cold overall pattern will likely continue all the way into March.

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