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Dilemma: Venture Into the Snow or Get Fired

Are you afraid you may lose your job if you don't go to work?



    Dilemma: Venture Into the Snow or Get Fired
    Lindsay Ladd
    This could be you.

    As you've probably heard by now, there's a gigantic Nor'easter bearing down on our region ready to bury us under almost another foot of snow -- at the least.

    Thousands of schools, government offices and businesses will be closed Wednesday, but are you getting ready for work at a job that has no need to be open?

    Sucks, doesn't it.

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter gave all of his non-essential employees off. He even told other employers to let you stay home.

    Nutter: Think About Workers' Safety

    [PHI] Nutter: Think About Workers' Safety
    Feel forced to go into work today? Forward this to your boss.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010)

    "Exercise good judgment, don't put your employees in any particular, unnecessary danger," he said.

    So, why are you going? I mean, if the mayor says it's cool, then you should be fine.

    You're afraid you'll lose your job, aren't you?

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    [PHI] Inside Weather: One-of-a-Kind Winter
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    We know because dozens of you have sent us emails saying that your destination today was the office instead of the couch.

    We know that snow plowers, doctors and others need to go to work, but what about everyone else?

    So, now you've got your boots and parka on as you walk to the corner to wait for an infinitely delayed SEPTA bus because your car has no traction in the snow.

    And all this is so you can sit in your cubical for eight hours, painstakingly checking this Web site and every other because you're bored out-of-your-mind while the rest of the world lounges at home.

    Does your boss really believe it's worth it? Is he so cruel that he'll risk your life and limbs all for the hope he'll show people that his company can stand up to Mother Nature's fury?

    The possible cold-heartedness of bosses was best summed up by one emailer who chose to be anonymous:

    "(The boss) said to make sure that we had our shovels ready to go and to give ourselves enough time to get to work on time! No emotion!"

    Another boss simply told another anonymous worker that he would be fired if he didn't show up to his restaurant job on time.

    Well, we think those bosses are selfish and possibly crazy. And we want to hear your horror story.

    If you're going to work today, I know you're not doing any work, so share your story with us. Drop us an email at tips@nbcphiladelphia.com or tell us below. We're anxiously waiting.