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NBC10 First Alert Severe Weather Central

NBC10 First Alert Severe Weather Central

Snow Overnight, Then Blast of Cold

NBC10 First Alert Weather Team is tracking a system that could drop 1-2 inches on the Philadelphia region



    Tracking Snow

    The NBC10 First Alert Weather Team is tracking snow in our region. NBC10 First Alert Weather Chief Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz tells us what to expect and when. (Published Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017)

    First Flakes of 2017 Fall on Philly RegionFirst Flakes of 2017 Fall on Philly Region

    First, the Snow

    Light snow is moving closer and will arrive Thursday evening. Here's how the radar looks Thursday morning:

    Not a very impressive system, we can’t really even call it a storm. But it’s an area of snow moving in our neighborhoods tonight. Now here is what the weather map will look like this evening around 8 o'clock as the snow starts accumulating.

    Photo credit: NBC10

    By late this evening, light snowfall will be more widespread.

    Photo credit: NBC10

    But this light snow won't last long, it's mostly offshore by 6am, well before sunrise and before the morning commute is well underway.

    Photo credit: NBC10

    So that's it, a gentle snowfall and all of it falling at night when most are at home! That will make it easier for roads to be treated before the traffic picks up Friday morning.

    How much snow? Expect on average, about an inch or two. Higher elevations, mainly in Pennsylvania could get a bit more than the valleys, but not much more. The wind should also be very light, which is unusual for a snowfall.

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    Don’t Forget the Cold

    Arctic air is moving in now, and it’s just going to get colder and colder as we head toward the weekend. Here are predicted temperatures at 7 a.m. Sunday from the latest computer model:

    Remember, these are temperatures, not wind chills. Expect 15-30 mph winds Sunday, so wind chills should be down near ZERO in places.

    But, like other cold blasts this season, it’s not going to last for long. The warm up starts Tuesday. Check out the forecast maps for Wednesday compared to normal:

    That’s the entire eastern half of the country with above normal temperatures!