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Severe Storms Spawned a Tornado That Uprooted Trees, Damaged Cars

The National Weather Service said storm damage in Montgomery County shows that an EF0 formed before 4 p.m. during Monday's storms.

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A batch of storms that touched down in the Philadelphia region Monday included a tornado that in one minute did some damage in a Montgomery County retail plaza.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage and concluded that an EF0 tornado touched down near Routes 309 and the 202 Parkway in Montgomeryville just before 4 p.m. Monday.

The whirlwind caused damage and moved or "tossed" six to eight parked cars, uprooted some trees and tore siding and roof-mounted equipment off the shuttered Noboru restaurant. At the Texas Roadhouse, the winds sent outdoor dining furniture flying, according to the damage report.

The max wind speeds of 70 mph are relatively weak for a tornado, but were enough to also damage the roof of a Costco building.

"Several metal light posts were also bent at the base in and around these parking lots as a result of the wind and/or flying debris, and the poles supporting two stop signs were bent and dislodged as well," the NWS wrote.

The tornado came and went within a minute, dissipating as it passed near Upper State Road. No injuries or fatalities were reported from its damage.

Throughout Monday afternoon, severe storms brought heavy rain and caused destruction in the suburbs .

Monday's strong winds and rain led to power outages with more than 2,000 reported in Chester County, more than 1,500 reported in Bucks County and more than 1,400 reported in Montgomery County.

We saw some of the damage in North Wales close to Upper State Road, near the tornado-affected area.

"My wife comes running down the steps saying, 'Get in the basement' and then all our power went out and you hear this huge wind and little bit of vibration," Vincent Basile of North Wales told NBC10.

Storms ripped off sections of several roofs and buildings and scattered debris all over parking lots. Signs were ripped off businesses.

In Pottstown, drivers maneuvered around flooded roads.

"I didn't realize how deep it was until I felt the water on my feet coming into the car," Christian Gray told NBC10. "So I decided to get out, jumped off the roof and hopped off."

Powerful storms damaged buildings and caused flooding throughout the region. NBC10's Aaron Baskerville checks out conditions in Montgomery County.

A viewer also sent NBC10 a photo of a possible funnel cloud in Montgomery Township. The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed whether or not a funnel cloud touched down however.

Photo of a possible funnel cloud in Montgomery Township. Photo Credit: Richard Bosack

Despite the damage and flooding, no major injuries have been reported.

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