Snow Moves Out, Frigid Temps Move In

It's not snowing, but it sure is cold.  The low pressure system, which brought us that wild, winter storm has moved to the north, leaving our area dry Tuesday with frigid temperatures.

Temps are in the teens, but factor in the wind and it feels like below zero in some spots.  Wind is blowing from the Northwest at 15 to 25mph.

Tuesday we'll see temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees, which is well below normal for this time of year, 47 degrees.  

Tuesday morning, folks woke up to bitter temps; 8 degrees in Lancaster, Pa., 3 degrees in Mount Pocono, Pa., 16 degrees in Cape May, N.J.

The wind chill left us feeling zero or below; 0 in Northeast Philadelphia, -2 degrees in Allentown, Pa., and -16 degrees in Mount Pocono, Pa.

Tuesday will remain dry and we'll see sunshine.

Wednesday will warm up a bit to 31 degrees.

It will be 38 degrees by Thursday.

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