Lightning Sets House on Fire

Thursday's severe storms took down power lines and trees, blocking roads and leaving the lights out for thousand of people in Pennsylvania.

"It was very scary because it got very windy, all wet and we couldn't see anything," Skylar and her grandmother in Radnor explained.

The heavy rains and wind gusts chased the kids from the pool into the house.

"The rain was going sideways. It looked like a sandstorm. We kept running from window to window to see if we were losing anything," Skylar's grandmother said.

The rain and wind toppled some big trees, snapped smaller ones and left big branches and debris across yards and streets, blocking several roads in Radnor Township.

Lightning set a house on fire in Ocean View, Cape May County and storm spotters reported hail in Eldora, N.J.

The National Weather Service shows reports of 10,000 people without power in Monroe County, Pa. Trees and wires down in areas including Paulsboro, Haddonfield and Camden in South Jersey.

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