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What Will the Weather Be Like for Palm Sunday, Passover Seders This Weekend?

Saturday is the winner of the weekend as temps will be mild and conditions clear

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  • With families looking to safely gather outdoors for Passover Seders and Palm Sunday celebrations, the weather is top of mind.
  • Saturday is expected to be super, with mild and clear conditions. Sunday is expected cloudy, humid and damp.
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With the start of Passover and Palm Sunday this weekend, families could be looking to gather outdoors to stay safe while celebrating.

What night of Passover is the best to have an outdoor Seder? What will the weather be as you collect your palms? We have your answers.

The best weather day for the upcoming weekend will be Saturday. We’ll see plenty of sunshine during the morning through the afternoon hours. High temperatures will climb to around 70 degrees.

The normal average high this time of year is 57 degrees, so we’ll be a little more than 10 degrees warmer than normal.

Saturday Night Seder, Evening Services Weather

The Jewish festival of Passover starts at sundown Saturday -- around 7:20 p.m. For families looking to have a coronavirus-friendly, socially-distanced outdoor Seder, the evening hours look dry and quiet. Temperatures Saturday evening will be pleasantly mild in the lower 60s.

Sunset times for Saturday and Sunday
When will the sun go down this weekend?

For Christians looking to gather palms, Saturday night Mass and services are going to be the easiest weather-wise when going to church.

Rainy Palm Sunday

Showers and thunderstorms are looking likely for Palm Sunday, so outdoor planning will be much tougher and you may need an umbrella while going to church.

While Sunday it won’t be impossible to have get togethers outside, you face many more obstacles including showers and storms (early evening), gusty winds and falling temperatures during the evening hours.

A look at weekend temperatures in the Philadelphia region.
A look at weekend temperatures in the Philadelphia region. The highs on Sunday are expected earlier in the day.

For those attending Sunday services, the first half of Palm Sunday will be gray, mild, humid and showery, but not too windy. Temperatures will start in the upper 50s and climb into the upper 60s.

Showers look likely throughout the day with the best chance of some heavier thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening.

Sunset Sunday evening is around 7:21 p.m., but it will likely be obscured by cloud cover and showers. Most of the showers and storms Sunday evening should exit the area before 9 p.m.

Temperatures will quickly fall Sunday evening, so have a heavier jacket and don’t be deceived by the milder weather earlier in the day. Temperatures will start in the upper 50s around 8 p.m., but fall into the 40s by 11 p.m. Winds Winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20 mph and gusting to 30 to 35 mph will make it feel even colder.

Families gathering outside for a second Seder may want to have a tent ready for the Pesach meal Sunday night and plan to weigh down any paper plates or napkins at your outdoor dinner table.

People building a fire for the Hindu holiday of Holika Dahan will also be dealing with the rain and winds after sunset Sunday.

For Allergy Sufferers

If you are going to be outside during the day Saturday, pollen will be one of your biggest problems. The pollen levels will continue to be quite high. (Here is a look at allergy season amid coronavirus.)

Sunday pollen levels should be a bit lower as showers and storms help flush out some of the pollen in the air.

You can keep ahead of the weather (and pollen) with the NBC10 First Alert Weather Team on air and in our app (download it now) throughout the holiday weekend and beyond.

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