Mild Again Sunday, Colder This Week

Saturday's temps 24 degrees above normal, just shy of record high

Boy, what a day it was Saturday. Officially -- and despite the clouds, Philadelphia reached 72 degrees.

That's 24 degrees above normal for this time of year, and just two degrees shy of the record high in 1974, when the thermometer hit 74.

It will be mild once again Sunday. Highs are expected to be in the upper 60s in Philadelphia, but could touch 70 south and east. It will be cooler to the north and west, with temperatures in the low 60s.

Mostly cloudy Sunday. Then our heads may feel the patter of raindrops as showers come in later Sunday into Monday morning.



Mostly Cloudy

Mild Again

Showers, Especially Late

Winds: W bec. NE 5-10 mph

Highs: 64-67




Still Mild

Lows: Philadelphia 46, North & West 43


Partly Cloudy

Early Showers


Winds: W 10-20 mph

Highs: 55-58

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