Inside Weather: Chilly Game 4

Getty Images

No rain to delay game 4 tonight, but a noticable chill in the air.  Temperatures have dropped between 10 and 20 degrees from yesterday's high temperatures.  Temperatures will drop into the 40s with a 10-20 mph breeze by the end of the game tonight.
A storm just off the coast will sit there Monday so the clouds will return along with a light shower or some drizzle.  A northeast wind about 10-20 mph will not only keep the temperatures on the cool side, but also cause some minor tidal flooding.  A coastal flood advisory is in effect Monday morning for New Jersey, Delaware, and the tidal sections of the Delaware river in Pennsylvania.
This week remains mainly dry but the temperatures will go from cool to even cooler by Thursday and Friday.  By the end of the week despite plenty of sunshine, highs will remain in the lower 50s and morning lows everywhere could be in the mid 30s.  A northwest breeze will not help it feel any warmer on Wednesday and Thursday.

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