Harsh Winter Turns Into Lovely Summer

Mother Nature has been good to the Philadelphia region this summer after a harsh, record-breaking winter.

There were numerous snow days that kept children home from school, shortened Spring Break or extended the school year in some area school districts. The School District of Philadelphia had six snow days for the 2013-2014 winter, three more than the previous winter. 

This past winter was third snowiest on record in Philadelphia with 59.5 inches of snow. PennDOT went over budget and spent $200 million on snow removal. 

All that winter nuisance has turned into a mild summer season, highlighted by numerous great shore weekends.

"We have yet to hit 100 degrees this summer. It doesn't get any better than this," said NBC10 First Alert chief  meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz.

The highest temperature this year was 96 degrees logged on July 2, during the first heatwave of the year. And we've only experienced two heat waves all year, according to "Hurricane."

The same jet stream pattern that let to record heat, went up and came down, said "Hurricane."

A reality check for this week -- there are showers and widespread thunderstorms expected Thursday, the temperature will cool down and humidity will stay low.

Yet, the sunshine will remain.

With just two short weeks before Labor Day, we're in the home stretch of the lovely summer season. 

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