The “Non-Eagles Snowstorm” Gets Its Move On

In many parts of the area, this storm will be as much remembered for what didn't happen as what did

After a blizzard with about 2-feet of snow near the shore, how is this storm going to be remembered?

For the postponement of the Eagles game!

It was not a popular decision for fans and players alike.

I have mixed feelings on the subject. I love watching football in the snow. Wouldn't it have been great to see Michael Vick racing and sliding through the snow? And the skinny DeSean Jackson getting blown over by the strong winds?

But ultimately the cancellation was about fan safety, officials said.

Anyway, a heavy snow band came through Philadelphia late Sunday evening, so the heaviest snow did fall during the period the game was to be played.

There was an incredible snowfall contrast from east to west across our area, which you'll see clearly once the final snow totals are in. Late Sunday night we were basically on the back edge of a developing storm, which is the hardest part of a storm to predict. It's much easier in storms like last year, when you know you'll be in the middle of it, getting the maximum out of the storm.

Speaking of snow amounts, I'd like to thank the web forum called, which is composed of hundreds of weather fanatics like me. They sent in current snow amounts and conditions, so we were able to stay informed of exactly what was going on at the ground. If you're a weather nut, check them out.

Check back in the morning for the latest storm details.

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