Quick Hitting Friday Evening Storm Makes for a Messy Commute

A quick hitting, but potent November storm that’s pounding areas from Texas to Maine will arrive in our area later Friday afternoon and stretch into the evening.

Expect a chilly, raw, and breezy afternoon.

A raw, chilly and gusty wind will continue into the evening out of the east-northeast at 15-25 mph. It’s the type of wind that sends a chill right through you and also can turn your umbrella inside out.

You’ll want a good quality umbrella, a raincoat and rain boots for the latter half of Friday if you have plans that take you outside. A wall of the heaviest rain is expected between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. In this short window of time, anywhere between 0.50-inches and 1.50-inches of rain will fall.

Since many storm drains are clogged with leaves, areas of flooding could be an issue for the evening commute. In addition to pockets of flooding, streets and sidewalks will be slippery from all of the wet leaves.

There could be some airport and travel delays due to the timing of the heavy rain and also other East Coast airports impacted by the storm.

The rain ends afternoon midnight leaving us with a wind-whipped, cold Saturday.

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