Crash Knocks Out Power, Causes Evacuation of 5-Block Radius in Delco - NBC 10 Philadelphia

Crash Knocks Out Power, Causes Evacuation of 5-Block Radius in Delco

Power Outages In Ridley Leave Residents Sweating It Out During Dangerous Heat

NBC10’s Deanna Durante is in Ridley Township where people are dealing with serious heat and no electricity to cool off due to power outages in the area. (Published Monday, July 25, 2016)

Crews evacuated a daycare, a school for disabled students and residents within a five-block radius after a truck slammed into a pole in Delaware County Monday morning leaving people without air conditioning as temps pushed toward the 90s.

The truck driver told NBC10 he was going 15 m.p.h., when his truck snagged a cable as it spun along Fatima Drive on Our Lady of Fatima in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania around 10:45 a.m.

The wreck brought down wires and blew out a transformer.

"It sounded like I might have scraped a tree branch coming off of this tree. Then, when I got to where the truck is stopped, the truck started to twist on its own and I knew I had lost control of the vehicle," says driver Roy Greenwalt.

Area evacuations were voluntary and SEPTA buses were brought in to move people from apartments without air conditioning, to nearby schools.

Crews from Montgomery county assisted with getting people out of the excessive heat, sources told NBC10.

Local residents Nancy and Bruce Serreno are trying to figure out an alternative until power can be restored. Nancy knows a hotel would be a good alternative but is concerned a room could be hard to find with the DNC in town.

If worse comes to worse, Bruce's new generator will hopefully come in handy until power can be restored.

Ridley High School is still open and available for residents who need to seek shelter until the power returns. Peco says residents can expect the power to be out until at least 10 p.m. this evening.