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Wawa Welcome America!

Wawa Welcome America!

6 Days of Festival Fun Runs June 29 - July 4th

Your Wawa Welcome America NBC10 First Alert Weather Forecast

The City of Philadelphia issued a heat health emergency warning that will last through Wednesday evening.



    Your Wawa Welcome America First Alert Weather Forecast

    NBC10 First Alert Weather meteorologist Krystal Klei has your hot July 4th forecast for the The United States of America's Independence Day Parade and the Party on the Parkway featuring Pitbull as Wawa Welcome America wraps up Wednesday.

    (Published Wednesday, July 4, 2018)

    Expect a hot and humid Independence Day.

    Yet again, our heat wave will continue as highs reach the low 90s in and around Philadelphia Wednesday. With high humidity, it will feel more like 95 to 100 degrees along the I-95 Corridor. In fact, areas like Center City could feel a bit hotter than 100 degrees.

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    As a result, we’ve issued a First Alert for extreme and extended heat, just for Philadelphia. This First Alert continues through Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. We expect temperatures to feel hottest around Philadelphia due to something called the “Urban Heat Island” effect. With more concrete and asphalt, and less areas of grass and trees, heat is held into highly populated areas. In addition, large crowds like we expect at the Wawa Welcome America festivities at Independence Mall and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway intensify heat due to all the bodies in one area.

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    If you’re heading out to the July 4th Wawa Welcome America events, expect hot and humid conditions from morning to night. The high tops at 91 degrees. An isolated shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out between 3 and 8 p.m. around Philadelphia. However, the chance is very low.

    Instead, it looks more likely that some scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop around the Pennsylvania suburbs, Lehigh Valley and Berks County. These storms shouldn’t be as long lasting or intense as those we saw Tuesday. Regardless, a brief downpour is possible.

    Have a safe and happy Independence Day and keep checking back on the NBC10 app and on NBC10 throughout the day for the latest First Alert Weather forecast.