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More Passengers Left Waiting on SEPTA Slowdown Day 3

How are SEPTA's service problems impacting your commute?

SEPTA Slowdown, Crews Working Through Harsh Heat in West Philadelphia to Get Trains Running

SEPTA are having many delays. NBC10’s Randy Gyllenhaal is live at Suburban Station where the intense heat is making the situation even worse. (Published Thursday, July 7, 2016)

What to Know

  • 13,000 fewer seats on Regional Rail lines

  • Express trains zip past waiting passengers for 3rd day

Day 3 of the SEPTA Slowdown saw more trains skipping stops and some scheduled trains never making the trip.

CLICK HERE for SEPTA's New Regional Rail Schedules

SEPTA warned its Regional Rail passengers to expect delays and crowded conditions on trains that do stop. Another Morning of SEPTA WoesAnother Morning of SEPTA Woes

SEPTA passengers once again had trouble getting going Thursday morning due to fewer trains, delays and cancellations.
(Published Thursday, July 7, 2016)

Due to overcrowding, SEPTA skipped stops as Airport, Newark, West Trenton and Doylestown trains went to express mode.

SEPTA offers alternate routes

Thursday marked the third work day since SEPTA said cracks were discovered in beams in the suspension system on its fleet of Hyundai Rotem-made Silverliner V rail coaches. Only five of the 120 cars were found to be without problems. SEPTA Slowdown Enters 3rd Morning CommuteSEPTA Slowdown Enters 3rd Morning Commute

SEPTA riders are navigating the ride to and from work with fewer trains available, problems on the rails and some trains never even stopping.
(Published Thursday, July 7, 2016)

Philadelphia's regional rail system typically transports about 65,000 riders each way per day. With 13,000 fewer seats, the trains have carried about 35,000 to 40,000 people each day this week. Trains were put on a modified Saturday schedule until further notice with additional rush-hour service.