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Report: Dangerous Drivers Being Left on Philly Roads



    More Dangerous Drivers on Roads: Report

    A new report put out by the Philadelphia Inquirer says lax enforcement of traffic laws means more dangerous drivers are on the road. (Published Monday, Dec. 15, 2014)

    Lax enforcement of traffic laws in Philadelphia is leaving dangerous drivers on the road, according to a new report from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that police cite far fewer drivers than they did a decade and a half ago. And the paper says officers usually don't make arrests for outstanding traffic warrants, frequently don't seize the cars of unlicensed drivers and sometimes don't even cite them.

    The paper says there were more than 818,000 arrest warrants outstanding for moving violations as of September, about one-third of them for serious offenses.

    Court officials say warrants can linger as drivers are put on installment plans for their fines, then fail to pay.

    Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey acknowledged that his focus had been on violent crime, but drivers with outstanding warrants must be arrested.