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Think Traffic's That Bad in Philly?



    Philly Has Top 20-Bad Traffic

    Philadelphia has taken 20th in a study that says Philly has some of the worst traffic and most delays. Some drivers spend up to 70 hours a year just sitting in rush hour traffic. (Published Wednesday, April 1, 2015)

    When sitting in a traffic jam on the Schuykill Expressway or Ben Franklin Bridge, it might give you some solace that there are 19 U.S. cities and 98 worldwide with worse congestion than what you experience on a daily basis.


    This according to GPS maker TomTom’s recently released traffic index, which cited that the delay per 30-minutes driven in peak periods were 18 minutes for Philadelphia, while the delay per year with a 30-minute commute was 70 hours.

    During peak period, the rankings said Thursday mornings and evenings represent the worst weekly commute for local drivers, while Friday mornings and Monday evenings are the best.

    The most congested U.S. city is not surprisingly Los Angeles...


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