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PATCO Fare Hikes Jan. 1

South Jersey rail commuters will have a 10 percent fare hike Jan. 1



    PATCO Fare Hikes Jan. 1
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    If it does get built, the light rail would be a big advantage for tourists, PATCO riders and waterfront businesses.

    South Jersey commuter rail passengers will have a 10 percent fare hike to add to their post-holiday doldrums starting Jan. 1.

    The Delaware River Port Authority approved the fare hike in August 2008 and postponed the 10 percent increase on its PATCO rail line that was scheduled to take effect in September 2010.

    An example of the increase: Between Lindenwold, Ashland or Woodcrest and Philadelphia the new one-way fare is $3.00, a 30-cent increase.

    The federally mandated off-peak fare available to seniors, Medicare card holders and disabled customers enrolled in the Reduced Fare Program will increase 8 cents to 70 cents.

    Fares, Tolls Are Going Up, Up, Up

    [PHI] Fares, Tolls Are Going Up, Up, Up
    It's time for commuters to dig deeper. PATCO fares are going up and so are tolls and E-ZPass fees on the Pa. Turnpike.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 29, 2010)

    The 14-mile PATCO rail line carries about 38,000 passengers daily from the South Jersey suburbs to Center City Philadelphia.

    The DRPA has also scheduled a July 2011 increase in tolls on its commuter bridges connecting Philadelphia and South Jersey.

    The last PATCO fare hike was in September 2008 and it, too, was a 10 percent increase.

    And PATCO isn't the only local transportation system raising the price of travel. Tolls along the Pennsylvania Turnpike are going up three percent for E-ZPass users and 10 percent for everyone else.