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Swap 'Til You Drop

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    Swap 'Til You Drop
    Women are swapping gently used shoes, clothes and accessories during fashion swap parties.

    In this economy, some women are giving up shopping in favor of swapping.

    Organized events -- fashion swap parties -- are breathing new life into old wardrobes.

    "It’s a way to get new stuff without spending any real money," swap organizer Jennifer Stimpson said.

    Stimpson hosts fashion swap parties at her Dallas home about once a month. Women bring items they no longer want and receive "fake" money they can then use for the swap.

    "If there's something four people want, you can best believe there's going to be a bidding war, and when that happens, watch out," she said.
    Stimpson and her friends spent the better part of a recent Sunday afternoon exchanging gently used shoes, clothes and accessories.

    "You bring items that you don't want; you shop around and bid on other items," participant Joy Hayden said.
    Whether it's a pair of pumps you've outgrown, a necklace from an old flame or a purse that’s collecting dust in your closet, anything is fair game.

    "The spirit is to bring something you think someone else will want," Hayden said.

    While no one makes money off of the event, no one spends money either.

    It’s customary at swap parties for the hostess to donate to charity whatever items don’t sell.