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Sky-high Stilettos



    Sky-high Stilettos

    A BIG LIFT: If you're feeling down or need a pick me up, Christian Louboutin's Staratata Pumps will have your head in the clouds, literally.  With a staggering 5.5" heel, these platforms are strictly for stiletto experts.  $995 available at Joan Shepp, 1616 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA, (215) 735-2666

    SUPER STUD: This season, instead of an armful of bangles try just one large bangle on for size.  Kenneth Cole's Studded Bracelet features hematite studs and it's wide enough to really make a statement on your wrist. $85 available at Kenneth Cole, 1422-1424 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA‎, (215) 790-1690‎

    ANIMATED: Add some fun to your music with Cygnett Groove's Toons Alarm Clock for your Ipod.  This cartoon character inspired clock tells time and plays your favorite tunes. $69.99 available at Dick's Sporting Goods, 20 Franklin Mills Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA, (215) 637-3230