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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him



    Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him
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    Here's some last minute gift ideas to make your man melt!

    Ah, old faithful. Girls, get to Vicky's or Frederick's, buy yourself some hot lingerie and wear it! Men always appreciate a sexy woman.

    Get creative! Make him a book of "love coupons." Think of the stuff that he loves, wink wink, you know what we mean.

    Turn the tables, instead of leaving all the V-day plans up to him, YOU take the wheel. Send him flowers, take him to dinner and best of all, treat him to dessert!

    Buy your guy tickets. To see his favorite team play or maybe a to check out a concert or comedian he really loves. But instead of buying tickets for you and him, buy them for him and the friend of his choice. Although he loves spending time with you, we're pretty sure he'd rather watch the Flyers kick butt with a dude.

    And on that note, why not spend a little extra and send him to Phillies Spring Training in Clearwater next month? Your guy will be forever in your debt when you send him to check out the World Champions in warm, sunny Florida!

    Happy romancing!