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    LEGO Sound Off
    More than just your basic old LEGO's!

    XL LEGO: It may look like a regular lego, but this brick does way more!  It features a CD player, AM/FM radio, alarm clock and it's fully compatible with any iPod or MP3 player. $58 available at Urban Outfitters, 110 South 36th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 215.387.6990

    DRIVE IN STYLE: Lace may be all the rage in fashion, but if it's just too much for your conservative style, try a lace-accented driving glove from Phillip Lim to incorporate the trend instead.  This buttery soft pair of leather gloves feature a delicate lace overlay for very ladylike feel. $325 available at

    COLOR DOLL: Let your little ones release their inner-Michaelangelo's with Anthropologie's Miss Doodle Doll.  This stuffed-paper doll comes with five markers so Junior can color her to his/her liking.  And if the don't like what they drew, no problem.  Just throw her in the wash and start all over.  $50 available at Anthropologie, 1801 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 215.568.2114