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Home Brewing Starts Outside the Home



    Home Brewing Starts Outside the Home
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    Bottle your own suds with the help of your local brewing supplies store.

    Looking to do it yourself? Beer lovers throughout the region became home brewers with the help of some friends.

    Home brewing starts with a trip to the local beer supply store. Home brew suppliers not only have the equipment you need to brew your own but they can also offer advice and answer questions that could rise up as the suds settle.

    Of course this look at home brewers is in honor of the professional brew masters who are currently battling it out to be named the Golden Local for Best Philadelphia Beer.  (Vote Here)

    Brewing isn't easy and these stores can help.

    If you want to try your hand at brewing Home Sweet Homebrew at 2008 Sansom St. in the Rittenhouse area is a great place to get started. The shop itself is a brewer's paradise in a homey-atmosphere all the way down to the pair of cats that roam around.

    The store offers beginning brewing kits that start at $69.95 with a deluxe package costing another 20 bucks. HSH also sells seasonal wyeasts, hop rhizomes, CO2 adapters (for keg systems), malts, yeasts, grains and specialty sugars.

    For brewing suppliers outside of Center City check out Brew By You at 3504 Cottman Ave. in the Northeast and Barry's Home Brew Outlet at 101 Snyder Ave. in South Philly.

    But there are great brewing suppliers all over the area so just find the one closest to you. And, don't forget to vote for the Best Beer -- who will it be Philadelphia or Victory?

    Happy brewing.