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Rouge Burger Gets Top Spot in Philly

"Rouge, indeed, is relatively glamorous": restaurant critic



    Rouge Burger Gets Top Spot in Philly
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    How could you pass up a burger -- any burger -- at Rouge?

    Epicurious, the site "for people who love to eat," asked restaurant critics from around the country to pick their favorite burgers in their home cities.

    Rouge was named Philadelphia's best, The Illadelph reports: 

    "Take a look at what diners are eating at the sidewalk café tables—any time of day—and you'll notice a phenomenon unexpected in a city that lends its name to another meat sandwich: People in startlingly high numbers downing the Rouge Burger. This 12-ounce hunk of well-seasoned beef comes with nutty Gruyère, caramelized onions, and a haystack of pommes frites. And the dish trumps any of the very fine burgers served at Philly's many gastropubs," writes Andrea Clurfeld, Asbury Park Press restaurant critic.
    "Rouge, indeed, is relatively glamorous..." she says, adding: "The cheesesteak, at least at this address, is all but forgotten."

    That's enough to make our mouths water and our feet want to run over to Rouge. 

    Or, as The Illadelph notes, "the 12-ounce, sirloin/rib eye/filet tip blend burger at Rouge is definitely one of the best around."