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POD Gets a Facelift!



    POD Gets a Facelift!
    Jim Teti
    POD's menu is new and improved.

    Tantalizing items like wasabi-infused tequila and duck soup have been added to the already delicious menu at POD. Check out what else is new and improved on the trendy UCity spot's menu:


    This concoction is very pretty to look at. It's reminiscent of warm summer days and goes down smooth. The cocktail is blend of uzu (Japanese citrus fruit), Smirnoff passionfruit vodka and lemonade, ($9).

    Sushi shot trio
    A unique trio of shots that are meant to accompanied with sushi dishes. There’s ginger rum, white soy vodka and wasabi tequila. The rum is the smoothest, but the most distinct is their intense tequila (and if you're really brave, try it in a bloody Mary), ($10).

    Tai chai
    Perfect for after dinner, the Tai chai is basically an iced chai latte with booze! The delicious drink is made with Voyant chai liqueur, green tea and cream and rimmed with cinnamon/sugar. Yum all around,


    Duck duck soup
    This new item features several slices of tender duck breast, duck wontons, udon noodles, scallions and simmered in a delicious, lightly-salted broth. Duck duck soup is $14, but it can easily feed two people.

    Shrimp dumplings
    Perfectly steamed dumplings stuffed with fresh shrimp and served with a kafir lime dipping sauce, ($15)

    Seattle roll and the Rio Grande sushi rolls
    The outstanding Seattle roll ($22) consists of jumbo lump crab, rich avocados and yuzu. There is a tuna casing (replacing seaweed) and the roll is topped with miso sauce. The Rio Grande ($16) is just as delectable, giving a much welcome twist on dull shrimp tempura by incorporating eel and a spicy avocado tomato salsa.

    Crispy whole fish
    You never had fish and chips like this before! Several strips of tender, white fluke are lightly fried, laid out on a plate and served with the fluke shell, which is totally edible, ($29).

    Grilled kobe skirt steak
    Clearly, when the word kobe is involved, there is no need for explanation.The dish is high-quality and the unagi teriyaki sauce is a nice touch, ($28).


    Vanilla bean mousse
    One of the best desserts on POD's menu, the vanilla mousse is light and creamy, the ginger caramelized bananas in the center are scrumptious and the avocado-honey drizzle that the mousse sits on is out of this world. Don’t leave without trying this one, ($9).