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One Year of Firsts: Making a Rack of Lamb

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    One Year of Firsts: Making a Rack of Lamb
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    Luann's rack of lamb didn't look this good but it surely tasted great.

    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you! - Tommy Smothers

    I've never made rack of lamb. Never thought about making it. Don't know why. The only time I've ever eaten it is at fancy balls and parties.

    I saw a beautiful picture of rack of lamb in a magazine and decided that I'm making it Sunday for a first.

    Wow, what a shocker when I went to buy it! (I haven't even told my husband what it cost.) When the butcher at the farmer's market brought it out, I didn't ask the price. Big mistake. Then, I was too embarrassed to say oops never mind. (All I could think was, I could have bought a dress.)

    Crazy. But let's face it, it's crazy good.

    Someone pointed out on my Facebook "that's why we only make it for special occassions." I know.

    Stuck with my fabulous rack of lamb, I sought advice from everyone. I didn't want to mess this up. (Not like ruining a cheap flourless chocolate torte. See last week's post on that.)

    I ran into former anchorman Steve Levy who loves to cook. He warned me "Just don't over cook it."

    I was so worried about over cooking, of course I under cooked it. After trying to eat too raw lamb, it went back in the oven.  

    In the end, it was absolutely delicious -- the lingenberry sauce devine.

    Still, it may be awhile before I splurge on this again.