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Gobble, Gobble at Wawa -- While It Lasts



    Gobble, Gobble at Wawa -- While It Lasts
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    Turkeys soon can take the summer off knowing that the Wawa hot turkey bowl isn't here to last.

    Each fall brings colder temperatures and warmer selections at area Wawa stores.

    The arrival of a cult-classic food was front and center this year -- "Gobble, Gobble" said the billboards advertising the triumphant return of hot turkey selections at Wawa.

    The best part was the $2.99 cost for the shorti Gobbler sandwich (including stuffing and cranberry sauce) or for hot turkey on mashed potatoes and/or stuffing.

    The hot turkey warms the soul -- comfort food at its best.

    It was like a party in the mouth for anyone who tried the warming selections. But, since the $2.99 deal folded a few weeks ago the turkey bowl has since become a hard thing to gobble down.

    Suddenly it seemed that Wawas were no longer offering hot turkey all the time. Some days it just wasn't on the menu but then the next day it would be back.

    Stories began to emerge of hungry would-be-gobblers driving to different locations in pursuit of the elusive hot turkey bowl.

    NBCPhiladelphia went right to the source to ask the Wawa people what the deal is -- why is the hot turkey bowl so hard to find?

    "It is still on our hot foods menu, although it alternates with the Hot Roast Beef, which is another customer favorite," said Wawa public relations manager Lori Bruce.

    But it disappeared last spring (what a sad day it was) -- can the same thing be expected this year?

    "It is on the hot food menu through the end of March," according to Bruce. 

    She set hot turkey fans up for fowl days without the hot turkey option.

    "It's not unusual for us to rotate seasonal products, such as hot turkey, in and out... to keep things fresh and exciting for customers," said Bruce.

    That must mean that the days of hot turkey eating at Wawa are numbered -- not so fast.

    "Last Spring we discontinued [hot turkey] but brought it back for the holidays. It's a great favorite of our customers as the weather turns colder," said Bruce.

    So for now enjoy the hot turkey bowl (if you find one) and once its gone at least we can all have something to look forward to once the weather turns cold again. And, at least for now we can all show our hot turkey bowl love with this t-shirt.

    Good gobbling!