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Full Wallet, Full Belly

Recession has never been tastier



    Full Wallet, Full Belly
    Eat a burger under the chandelier at Le Bec Fin for next to nothing.

    What kind of a world are we living in when you can get lunch at Le Bec Fin for under $20? Although we blame the recession on why we're not taking a vacation this winter, we love what it's done for our appetites. While cheap prix-fixes aren't exactly an even trade with tropical breezes and a week on the beach, they sure make sticking around Philly a whole lot tastier.

    Le Bec Fin recently unveiled a new Express Brioche Burger lunch. For a paltry $15.23 (we're not math geniuses but we're thinking with tax, this adds up to some friendly round number), diners can choose between the soup of the day or a field greens salad for a first course and then feast on a grilled prime burger served on a brioche bun with caramelized onion puree, cherry tomato confiture and pomme frites.
    We might be in a recession but one thing tha'’s definitely not receding is our waistline. Perhaps it's a good thing the beach vacation was canceled after all.