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    Crudos to You
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    Crudo is the Italian version of sashimi, a Japanese delicacy consisting of thinly sliced raw fish

    Italian and sashimi, a Japanese delicacy, are two very different cuisines, but at Positano Coast, crudo is the name of the game.

    So what exactly is crudo? Well, it's the Italian rendition of sashimi, a combination of raw fish dressed with stuff like olive oil, lemon juice or maybe even vinegar. Yum, sounds great -- if you like that sort of thing.

    Just kidding, with a chef like Pippo Lamberti, who has been named one of Philly's Next 8 Great Chefs, raw fish or not, it's got to be delicious. In fact, he's been praised for his crudo creativity using specialties like black bass, Scottish salmon, scallops and tuna.

    “Our crudo dishes offer guests a unique taste of Italy,” said Chef Pippo Lamberti. “This event will give guests the opportunity to sip on the finest selection of Italian wines, all while enjoying our delicious crudo. I am honored to bring Philadelphia a new twist on Italian culture.”

    On Wednesday, June 24 experience crudo for yourself at Positano Coast on Walnut for $45 a person. The price includes soft drinks, water and coffee, but not tax and gratuity. If you're feeling extra-fancy, add a wine pairing for 20 bucks.

    Call 215-238-0499 for reservations.