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Philly's Best Cocktail



    Philly's Best Cocktail
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    There’s more to a great cocktail than a decent liquor and some sort of flavored extract or fancy garnish. No, a great cocktail is made with creativity, thought and care, and the bars and restaurants below know it.

    Check out the list below, so next time you’re feeling thirsty for something a little more refined than a Jack and Coke, you know where to go.

    Citypaper: Azul Cantina
    941 Spruce St.
    If you’re looking to sip your cocktails in a trendy bar in the Washington Square neighborhood, look no further than Azul. The hip, blue interior and exterior befit a Mexican restaurant and lounge with delectable south-of-the-border fare, and drinks to match. The bartenders interpret classic cocktails in their own imaginative ways—think an Old Fashioned, but with tequila instead of bourbon and agave nectar in place of the typical sugar cube. Talk about classics with an edgy—and tasty—flair.

    Philadelphia magazine: Southwark
    701 S. 4th St.
    Southwark is all about updated classics. The South Philly bar has a clean, retro vibe, and its Manhattans, Gimlets and Sidecars will please even the most refined tastes—and that’s before you realize the bar has a selection of rye and gin that’s among the largest in the country. Yeah, it’s a bit out of the way for many city residents, but if a Sazerac with top-shelf rye whiskey is what you seek, trust Philly mag: This is the place.

    AOL City’s Best: Continental Midtown
    1801 Chestnut St
    The creative cocktails at Stephen Starr’s Continental Midtown are easily among the best in the city. The Champagne Cocktail puts a spin on classic bubbly by adding bitters and a sugar cube, for instance, while the French 75 combines cognac, champagne, sugar and lemon juice for a delectable spirit you can’t help but feel cool while drinking. Not much better than that. Except enjoying said drinks on a swinging chair or on the Continental’s roof, high above bustling Chestnut Street below.

    Around Town pick: Apothocary
    102 S. 13th St.
    Quirky drink names (Booty Collins, Dermis Fantasticus) plus amazing ingredients (bitter apple foam, elderflower liqueur) equals a darn fine cocktail, in our opinion. You’d be hard-pressed to find a drink on Apothecary's menu that has fewer than eight ingredients—and you probably won’t be able to pronounce them all. But the Apothecary’s drinks are mixed with care, and create awesome taste combinations you won’t find anywhere else.


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