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Philly’s Best Dive Bar



    Philly’s Best Dive Bar
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    Each week, Around Town peruses the best of the 'Best of' lists, and brings you the winners in a single category. This week: Philly's best beer bar.

    It can be fun to dress to the nines and hit up the Continental Midtown or G Lounge on a Friday night. After all, as unpretentious as we are, sometimes it’s amusing to rub shoulders with Philly’s social elite. 

    But after awhile, it gets old. How many $12 cocktails can you consume before your wallet’s empty and you’re ready to deck the next guy you see sporting a silk button-down shirt?

    With that thought in mind, we present to you Philly’s best dive bars—because sometimes, you just want to drink in sweatpants and a hoodie.

    AOL City’s Best: Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar
    1200 E. Passyunk Ave.
    In 2008, Ray’s celebrated a birthday of its own: its 70th—and we’re willing to bet the South Philly neighborhood joint hasn’t seen much change since it first opened its doors the ‘40s. Walk into the two-room bar, and you’ll likely feel transported back in time, to a Philly before Stephen Starr, Broad Street lofts and the Parc Rittenhouse. Ray’s is a dive bar, plain and simple. It’s cash only. There’s a jukebox. You can still smoke. For such a dive, however, Ray’s does get some pretty sweet live acts.

    Philadelphia magazine: Fiume
    229 S. 45th St., 2nd Floor
    Going to Fiume is like going to your college buddy’s apartment, if, you know, he had a sweet beer selection and charged you for it. Really, this second-floor West Philly dive is about the size of a dorm room. Once a meeting spot for the city’s anarchists, Fiume is now a drinking haven for punks and Penn kids alike, the common draw the bar’s comprehensive beer list and diverse vibe. Whatever you do, just don’t try calling Fiume for its specials or hours—they don’t have a phone.

    Citysearch: Bob and Barbara’s
    1509 South St.
    “Dive” is probably the only description of Bob and Barbara’s on which everyone can agree. To some, it’s a neighborhood bar. To others, the home of a fabulous Thursday night drag show. And still, to others, it’s the purveyor of the best nightly special in town: $3 for a can of PBR and a shot of Jim Beam. This is probably the one place in town where drag queens, law students, townies and professionals can drink side by side in total comfort.

    Around Town pick: Doobie’s
    2201 Lombard St.
    If there were an entry for “dive bar” in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure a picture of Doobie’s would accompany it. The Graduate Hospital ‘hood corner bar is cozy, small and kind of disheveled—but in a good way. Stick around long enough, and your eyes will start to drift to the bar’s southwest corner. No, not because there’s a window overlooking Lombard Street (in fact, Doobie’s is practically windowless), but because there’s a stack of well-used board games. And it includes some of Around Town’s favorites; ever had a drunk Four Square competition? If you have, you’re probably already a Doobie’s regular.


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