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Philly's Best Coffee Shop



    Philly's Best Coffee Shop
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    Warm up with a cup o' joe at one of the city's best coffee shops.

    The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are cooling off. You’re probably yawning a bit more—we know we are. A caffeine kick is necessary, but beware: Not all Philly coffee shops are created equal.

    That’s where Around Town comes in. Check out the list below, so when you need to perk up, you know where to get a mug-full of the good stuff.

    AOL City’s Best: Mugshots Coffeehouse
    2100 Fairmount Ave.
    Try taking a walk from Center City toward the Art Museum neighborhood on any weekend morning. Notice all those other people? They’re not following you—they’re on their way to Mugshots Coffeehouse. And that’s ‘cause, if you looked up “coffee shop” in the dictionary, we wouldn’t be surprised if you found a photo of this Art Museum coffee Mecca. Think typical coffeehouse décor (comfy couches, tables for laptop work), and a menu full of coffee accompaniments that range from bagels with cream cheese to egg sandwiches with pesto and provolone.

    Citypaper: Spruce Street Espresso
    1101 Spruce St.
    While certain Center City coffee shops are see-to-be-seen type joints, Spruce Street Espresso is all about the coffee. The menu is pared down—to say the least—so if you’re craving a Pumpkin/Gingerbread/mocha incarnation, go elsewhere. But if a simple, perfectly roasted cup in a calm, laid-back environment is what you seek, you’ll catch Citypaper’s drift with this pick. Plus, the staff is always friendly and helpful—and they’ll even make those pretty flower designs in your latte.

    MyFoxPhilly: Espresso Yourself
    6441 Frankford Ave.
    Espresso Yourself bills itself as more than just a coffee shop—it’s a community, too. In addition to a menu that carries made-to-order sandwiches, salads and wraps, Espresso Yourself hosts open mic’s, live performances, dance parties and Quizzo nights. Oh, and the Northeast Philly institution offers 80 varieties of coffee and coffee flavors. With that kind of selection, you’d have to be crazy not to find a brew that perfectly suits your coffee tastes.

    Around Town pick: Bean Exchange
    650 Bainbridge St.
    Housed in a cool corner structure in Bella Vista, the Bean Exchange almost feels more like corner bar more than a coffee shop. The baristas have personality—without being pretentious—and they remember the regulars. There are even dog treats waiting on the counter for patrons who bring Spot along. And while the warmer months may be waning, there’s not much better than enjoying the brew at the Bean Exchange when its wall of windows is open, letting the cool city breeze wash over you as you sip your perfectly foamy latte and nibble locally baked zucchini bread.


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