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A "Loko" Dinner in Queen Village



    A "Loko" Dinner in Queen Village
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    Who hasn’t gone crazy for their favorite dishes at one of Philadelphia’s amazing restaurants?

    But, one Queen Village chef is taking dining to a new level of “Loko.”

    Adsum chef Matt Levin will be serving a $35 four-course Four Loko dinner on Monday night.

    That’s right; Levin stockpiled 10 cases of the controversial malt-liquor drink before they were pulled from store shelves.

    “As soon as I heard that Four Loko was being ‘banned’ for combining caffeine and alcohol, I started hoarding it -- with this meal in mind,” Levin said. “It seems absurd to me that a beverage that is marketed and sold to adults over 21 should be so strictly regulated, and this dinner is my way of saying ‘Hey, we can handle it!’”

    Well patrons will get to handle specialty recipes including Moroccan lamb sausage, a BBQ picnic featuring Loko pearls and pickled watermelon rind and Loko pate de fruit. Each course comes with a specialty Loko cocktail.

    Four Loko was pulled from shelves after allegations that it caused drinkers to be hospitalized after getting sick.

    There will be two seatings (6 and 8 p.m.) at Adsum (700 S 5th St.) Monday call (267) 888-7002 for reservations.