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Cheap Chica's Guide: Affordable Office Style



    Cheap Chica's Guide: Affordable Office Style
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    Believe it or not, you can be fashionable in the workplace and save money!

    Climb the corporate ladder in style with these helpful tips that will keep you from spending your entire paycheck!

    Mix It Up
    Just because a suit was sold together doesn’t mean you can’t break it up!  You suits will really go the distance if you wear the pieces as separates!  Why not pair the pants with a cute cardigan or you can also wear the suit jacket over a fitted pencil skirt for a retro-chic look?!

    Always Accessorize
    Whether you opt for a sleek pair of gold hoops or a colorful scarf to update that boring navy suit, accessories will add the most style to your office look with the least impact on you wallet! 

    The Accent Color/Pattern
    Invest in classic pieces (suit, pants, pencil skirt, blazer) in neutral shades of charcoal, black or navy and update those basics with a “pop” of color!  You can mix in shirts in a bright hue or an eye-catching pattern to incorporate the season’s latest color trends without breaking the bank! 

    Layer for Less
    If you think you can’t wear a tank top of a t-shirt to work think again!  These inexpensive wardrobe basics go from casual to corporate by adding the right layering piece on top.  Try a fitted blazer over a scoop-neck tank or a luxe cashmere cardigan over your favorite V-neck!

    Don’t Forget the Shoes and Handbag
    Use these two items to express your individuality in a sea of suits!  If you’re wearing a grey pantsuit, why not try a classic pump in red?  Or make your handbag a real style statement by looking for high-end details like oversized hardware and rich texture to set you apart from the competition!