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That Girl: Sarah Moses

This week's That Girl Profile is Sarah Moses.



    This week's Profile is Sarah Moses of Philadelphia. Philly Fashion guru Catriona Whitehead tells us why Sarah is this week's That Girl.

    What I like about this look?

    This look is delicate and carefree—more precisely, the fabrics are soft and loose, consist of pure colors, and are very comfortable. The shape and length of her skirt, though she found it in a thrift store, is popular right now (remember, fashion is cyclical). She has taken a simple tank top and tucked it into the waistband of the billowy skirt, defining the smallest part of her waist. To fend off the April air, she has added an opened button-down shirt; again, a carefree vibe—she didn’t choose a jacket or a sweater, just a basic blue shirt. Even her bag gives a sense of not-taking-things-too-seriously—the tan canvas with the brown detailing looks a bit worn, hopefully loved. Its shape is boxy and saggy, but the bag is clearly durable. This ensemble makes me feel joyful and calm.

    Where could this outfit be worn?

    This outfit is appropriate for casual occasions: shopping, lunching out, going to the park, visiting the zoo, hanging out with your friends, going to class, etc. To give it a more night-time look I would simply replace the slip-ons with pumps, or knee-high boots, and change the button-down shirt for a short jacket or blazer.

    Where can you buy this particular look?

    This type of skirt is available at Forever 21, Free People, JCrew,,, Urban Outfitters, and Zara. An easy cotton tank top can be found at JCrew, H & M, Target, Urban Outfitters, and any department store. Soft slip-ons like these are best found by Toms. But you can also find similar pairs from JCPenney, JCrew, and Urban Outfitters.

    Style tip?

    My one styling tip would be to add a bright colored chunky necklace, and perhaps a colorful skinny belt to put around the waistband of her skirt—just to give the look a bit of finish. However, there is something to be said for the simplicity of her look, the way it is now—perhaps, nothing should be changed. I think it depends on the vibe you are trying to give off.