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Phillies to Rock Retro Unis on the Road, Not Home

Team to wear 1965 uniforms versus Astros



    Phillies to Rock Retro Unis on the Road, Not Home
    Jim Bunning rocking that old cursive Phillies' P.

    The Phillies are turning back the clock more than once this season it seems but you likely won't see it in person.

    The Phightins will wear 1965 road unis when they visit the Houston Astros on April 10, according to the Stros’ Web site.

    “The 2010 season marks the 45th Anniversary of the Houston franchise being renamed the Houston Astros. To commemorate the occasion, on Saturday, April 10, both the Astros and visiting Phillies will wear 1965 uniforms similar to the ones worn during the first regular-season game Houston played as the Astros on April 12, 1965 in the Astrodome vs. Philadelphia.”

    Thanks to Meech over at the Fightins for finding this uni-watch nugget.

    The Phillies should look nice in the gray and maroon -- especially with the pronounced cursive P's on their caps.

    The Phils were already set to rock old uniforms on the road this season. They will be wearing their 1970s powder blues in Milwaukee for a series in May.

    So that’s twice this season that the Phightins will be paying homage to the past but neither time will be at home. The Phillies wearing the retro throwbacks is a great idea so why can’t the team have some turn-back-the-clock night at Citizens Bank Park already?

    Yes, their current day game cream unis are an ode to the late 1940s but that doesn’t mean they are throwbacks.

    The Phillies missed an opportunity by not commemorating the 30th anniversary of the 1980 World Championship team with a retro weekend including those dope maroon pinstriped unis.

    The team as of Wednesday planned no celebration.

    Of course they could use the Wall of Fame induction on Aug. 6 (when the dreaded Mets are in town) to rock some throwbacks but there was no word on that happening.

    And, the Phillies could really cash in on wearing old school threads. This team already is selling old grass, toasters that put a Phillies “P” on your bread and sunglasses, but having one more reason for fans to buy another jersey doesn’t seem to be a priority.

    In any case it should be fun to watch (on TV) Ryan Howard looking like Dick Allen and Roy Halladay looking like Jim Bunning in those 1965-era jerseys.