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Karl Lagerfeld vs. Audrey Tautou

A recent interview with Tautou has the Chanel couturier crying foul



    Karl Lagerfeld vs. Audrey Tautou
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    Karl to Audrey: Have some respect!

    What's not to like about Audrey Tautou? Those expressive eyes, that girlish grin, that classic Parisian style -- she's practically the definition of "gamine." And now she's the spitting image of Ms. Chanel herself in the upcoming film "Coco Avant Chanel," as well as the new No. 5 commercial. So you'd think she and Chanel couturier Karl Lagerfeld would be bosom buddies, right? Well, apparently not.

    Lagerfeld recently chastised Ms. Tautou for her comments in a recent interview with "Premiere" in France. The writer of the article asked Tatou if she wears a lot of Chanel (and, well, wouldn't you, if you could have all the Chanel finery you wanted?!). Apparently, Tautou replied: "Sometimes. This morning, I wore the rain boots."

    Well, okay, we might have said something like, "all the time, of course, it's ... CHANEL." But she's French and famous and probably has a wardrobe already littered with covetable goods from other impressive designers, so we understand. But Karl doesn't. Because Chanel, apparently, doesn't even make rain boots.

    "After that," Lagerfeld said, "I don't have to be nice." Snap!

    To pour salt in the wound, Lagerfeld threw in that he would have rather had Penelope Cruz as the face of Chanel. We see where Karl's probably coming from -- she's glamorous and beautiful and has those wonderfully dark eyes -- but Audrey is, well, French. We have a sneaking suspicion that the French people would have made more than a few snide remarks about casting a Spanish beauty as one of the most iconic French women of all time.