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Cheap Chica's Guide: Fashionable Holiday Gifts



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    Gift for Mom: Flat Boots for Comfort + Style

    Why: They're the must have shoe for Fall, they're super versatile and perfect for busy mom’s who want to look stay in fashion but need a practical shoe to chase the kids around and run errands.

    Where to Buy: DSW--They have a huge assortment and most styles are priced under $100!

    Gift for Dad: Seiko Wave Ceptor Watch

    Why: Whether he's sporty or stylish, this is something any Dad will love and this watch does way more than keep time.

    Where to Buy: Sears--Save 20% on all Seiko watches during Black Friday!

    Gift for Kids: Frost Free Vests

    Why: It's the perfect gift for kids of all ages because it's versatile, comfortable and colorful.

    Where to Buy: Old Navy--Frost Free Vests are marked down to $20 all weekend!