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Baby, It's Cold Outside



    Baby, It's Cold Outside
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    It starts with a must-have for winter weather. A coat. You need one, but instead of thinking of a coat as a staple item, think of it as a fashion statement. With some many to choose from, it's hard to go wrong.

    Go bold or go home! Reds, pinks, teal and electric blue are all hot right now.

    Think patterns! Plaid and animal prints make any look more daring. Just make sure to limit it to your coat (that means don't get all matchy matchy with your hat, gloves or shoes).

    A classic peacoat is always a fashionable and safe bet, but if you stick with a standard hue like beige, black or gray add color with your accessories to make your outdoor ensemble really pop.

    Moving from upper body to lower, let's talk leg wear. Tights, tights and more tights. Seriously, you can't have enough of them this season. Any color, any texture (um, maybe skip the fishnet) and any pattern (in moderation, of course)!

    Skinny jeans are also super hot and it seems that they are here to stay. Pair your favorite pair with flats, booties or knee-high boots and hit the town.

    Speaking of seems as though anything goes these days. Whether you're heading out in your most comfy Uggs or those gladiator stilettos that you hated when they first came out, but grew to love as the trend really set in, you've got to feel confident.

    Some other shoes we're loving this season. Chunky heels, any heels with laces or intricate detail, embellished flats and ankle boots.

    Let's rap up this little fashion lesson with accessories. The bigger, the better. Big rings and cuffs are really big right now. Bangles are always a must and chains are making a huge comeback. But whichever jewels you choose, be sure to layer lots!