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The Hammer Takes a Swing at Comedy

Friday’s show is appropriately named “Killers of Comedy.”



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    Schultz signature moustache was part of his intimidating stature on the ice.

    Legendary Philadelphia Flyer Dave Shultz became a South Philly icon by crashing his fists into opponent’s faces. These days Shultz is still doing some heavy crashing -- on the comedy scene that is.

    The NHL single-season record holder of 472 penalty minutes will make his debut from the penalty box to the stage this coming Friday May 8 at the Scottish Rite Theatre in Collingswood, N.J.

    The Saskatchewan-born “Hammer” won two Stanley Cups with the Flyers (1974 and 1975) with his brash fist-to-face mentality that helped dub the team as the “Broad Street Bullies.”

    Friday’s show is appropriately named “Killers of Comedy.” One can only image the punch Shultz will bring to the mix.

    Over a decade on the ice hasn’t frozen Shultz’s creative side co-authoring The Hammer with Stan Fischler while recording his 1975 smash hit “Penalty Box.”

    Now his face will be used for something other than a punching bag as the Canuck takes a swing at stand up.

    Joining “Hammer's” new line will be Louis “Twitchels” Centanni from the Opie and Anthony Show, Howard Stern’s infamous Beetle Juice along with the left-right combo of Bob Levy and Nick Dipaolo.

    If Shultz’s stand-up career gets knocked down, there’s no guessing what the “Hammer” will swing at next.

    In the meantime hecklers beware -- or else it’s Hammer time!