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Terror at the Penitentiary



    Terror at the Penitentiary
    The Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind Walls is a haunted Halloween version of the real prison. This well-known haunted house is located in Philadelphia and open Friday thru Saturday from now until November 6th. Starting October 13th their availability increases throughout the week.

    A prison known for its ghost sightings and notable inmates, the Eastern State Penitentiary takes scary to a whole other level.

    Terror Behind the Walls is the Penitentiary’s haunted house for the Halloween season.

    Voted the No. 1 Haunted House in America by AOL, this place is sure to give you the chills. Open every weekend from now until November 6 and all weekdays except Mondays and Tuesday.

    The Penitentiary is located on Fairmount Avenue, between Corinthian Avenue and 22nd Street. Admission prices range from $20 to $30 depending on the day of the week.

    Nothing sets the mood for a haunted house like a real ghost story, so if you plan to park in the Penitentiary’s parking lot make sure you wait for the Ghost Bus. Each shuttle bus has a storyteller on board to tell you about real Philadelphia ghost sightings.

    Come see what the thrill is all about; just try not to scream to loud you wouldn’t want to wake the ghosts.