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The Phanatic's Big Debut

Check out the Phanatic's new look on Monday



    The Phanatic's Big Debut

    You know it’s officially baseball season when the Phils are gearing up for their annual Paint the Town Red Week.

    And to kick things off, the Phillies will be unveiling the a Phanatic like you've never seen before -- he's green (as usual), loves the Phils (of course) and he's now six-feet tall (wait, what?).

    "Phanatic Around Town" is a new tourism and fan initiative that features six-foot, Phillie Phanatic statues all over the streets of the city. 

    Witness his unveiling at the Please Touch Museum on Monday, March 29 at 2 p.m. for free. Yes, free.

    The fiberglass Phillie Phanatic is covered in X’s and O’s with a note that reads “Dear Phanatic fans, he is all over town and he is ours.”

    Broadcaster Scott Franzke will be in attendance, probably giving a play-by-play of everything going on and the Ballgirls will be there as well.

    Aside from the statue being unveiled at the museum that day, nineteen more will be on display around the city. So you’ll be able to see, take pictures with and touch Philly’s newest resident all you want.