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This Ain't No Milton Bradley Battleship

Battle Ship NJ brings back sense of pride



    This Ain't No Milton Bradley Battleship
    Guns on the Battleship NJ can hit targets 23 miles away.

    Do me a favor and just drop all your politics for just one sec. Yep, you Obama folks, and you McCain supporters, uh-huh, I'm talking to all of you.
    Everyone listening? Good.  Thanks!
    As much as I love hearing all of your back and forth and all your mud-slinging political talk, I have to remind everyone about one little teeny weeny fact WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM!
    And that pretty flag that waves? That phamous, philly girl, Betsy, didn't put a donkey on it. There’s no elephant either.  She made one flag for all of us Americans.

    And don't feel bad for losing sight of the fact we're all in this together. I kind of did too, a bit. But if you need a good reminder of what it's all about and if you need to get that "This Country Totally Rocks" feeling again, I suggest a visit to the Battleship New Jersey.  It’s 11 stories high, three football fields long, the guns can hit targets 23 miles away. That is the kind of American military might that has doled out some serious whoopings in the name of freedom.
    But it's not really about the fact we used this ship to open up a can of whoop-a$$. It's about patriotism. I highly recommend you visit with friends and family and check this boat out.
    I think you will walk away feeling proud, extra proud, to be an American. Everyone is talking red and white right now (the Phillies).  But, in the grand scheme of things, the red, white, and blue reigns supreme.
    So, go Phils, go USA, and with that, you can let the political bickering resume.
    But thanks for your time and God Bless America!