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High Fiving the Vulcan Salute, and Other Handy Gestures



    High Fiving the Vulcan Salute, and Other Handy Gestures
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    Actor Karl Urban shows the way of the Vulcan at the "Star Trek" premiere

    There are few things you can do with your hands that are more iconic, more instantly recognizable, more downright Spock-y than the Vulcan salute. It was the two fingers to one side, two fingers to the other hand gesture Mr. Spock frequently made on the original "Star Trek" series (Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock himself, has told interesting tales of where he came up with that particular move).

    We like a good, pop culture-changing hand move, and while the Vulcan salute will probably always be numero uno with us -- it just looks cool, and is actually sort of fun to do yourself -- there are a few more we're keen on. Among them:

    Mork's sideways take on the Vulcan salute in sitcom phenom "Mork & Mindy" (it was kind of like a handshake, we think). The "Siskel & Ebert" thumbs up (so classic even Mulder mocked it in the "X-Files" episode "Leonard Betts"); and Carol Burnett's ear tug on her sketch-laden 1970s variety hour.

    We also like air quotes, fist bumps, a finger point with a wink, peace signs, hang ten signs, and pretty much any other hand gesture that soon becomes synonymous with a movement, a television show, a movie, or a character. But may the Vulcan salute, which is definitely back in our thoughts due to the big "Star Trek" movie that's set to open, always live long and prosper, regardless of what hand symbols come in and out of vogue.