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Hello Kitty! Now, Drink Up!

A pinot noir with topnotes of cherry, blackberry and cartoon cat



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    The ubiquitous Japanese feline Hello Kitty has been merchandised in every possible way, from the benign (Hello Kitty stationery) to the bombastic (a Hello Kitty Porsche) to the just plain bizarre (a Hello Kitty "personal massage wand"). All of which you can pay for with a Hello Kitty credit card.

    Now Hello Kitty is going where Lorraine Bracco, Francis Ford Coppola and other (human) celebrities have gone before her: the cartoon cat is putting her name on her very own branded wine, reports Decanter.com.

    Italian winemaker Tenimenti Castelrotto has paired with a luxury goods company Camomillo to create the four signature Hello Kitty wines: Kitty Devil, (red) Kitty Angel (white), a Kitty Sparkling Rose and a Kitty Demi Sec. One of the labels shows a Carrie Bradshaw-esque Hello Kitty clutching a martini glass while she winks and shows a bit more leg then we're used to seeing from our feline friend, while the Devil and Angel labels have her saucily flashing her Kitty hindquarters.

    The wines are imported to the U.S., but can't be found on the PLCB's online catalog. Looks like you'll have to special order that bottle of pussycat pinot noir.