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Will the Real Celebu-Twits Please Stand Up?



    Will the Real Celebu-Twits Please Stand Up?
    Is that really my favorite TV star? Hope so

    The Internet, now around for a good longish time, has shown anyone with a log-in that people aren't always who they say they are, and if we believe otherwise, we need to go back to web school.

    And in the latest round of interweb-fakery comes the "Am I following the actual celebrity I thought I was following?" moment on Twitter.

    Recent weeks have seen a flood of stories about the Ashtons and the Marthas and the real famous people who are really tweeting. But what to do when you go looking for your favorite big-shot only to find there are 12 of them listed on Twitter?

    Will the real famous person please step forward?

    The latest star, reports Gawker, to be kicked into this kerfuffle is Kanye West, other headliners are also growing weary of people pretending to be them.

    What to do if you're a fan? "Answer B!tch" at E! Online suggests looking for things on the celeb's twitter page like backstage photos being posted, or checking out the site Valebrity.

    Our thought is if you're following your favorite comedian, and they haven't been funny in like ten tweets, pause and reconsider.

    Or if a beloved author can't put a sentence together online, they may be . We're all guilty of speed in the online world, of mistakes and less-than-stellar prose, but, over time, if you begin to wonder if is this really that star or just some star lite, do the research.