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Aspiring Top Chefs: Rent a Professional Kitchen

Philly Kitchen Share offers commercial kitchen rental by the hour.



    Aspiring Top Chefs: Rent a Professional Kitchen
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    Bake cupcakes like this and maybe you should quit your day job.

    You are the cupcake master. You love to bake them, you love to serve them and everyone around you loves to eat them and tell you how delicious they are... which, of course, you love to hear.

    You've also dreamed of chucking your corporate gig and opening your own cupcake factory, churning out homemade morsels so tasty and so beautifully decorated that Martha Stewart would smash her cupcakes on the floor in a fit of cupcake-induced jealousy and rage once she got wind of their superiority.

    It's hard to start a baking or catering or any kind of food-related business when you don't have a professional kitchen to handle the volume. That's where Philly Kitchen Share comes in. The company, started by the founder of Philly Car Share, offers a fully equipped commercial kitchen for rent by the hour to food professionals. So if you're serious about starting that cupcake business, but don't want to lay out the big bucks for a facility of your own, the Kitchen Share could be the answer.

    Users must already have or obtain their food safety certificate from the city, plus get insured before they can begin to use the commercial kitchens, which run from $39 to $44 an hour. The Kitchen Share is open 24/7, so it's possible to bake or cook at nights or weekends while you hang on the annoying corporate gig by day.

    If you don't know how to cook well enough to make it your full-time job, Philly Kitchen Share also hosts cooking classes and other culinary events.