• robocalls Jan 7

    How to Make Money Off of Annoying Robocalls

    Everyone hates robocalls. But did you know that there’s a way to make money off of them? NBC10 Responds reporter Harry Hairston tells us about Robocalls Cash, an online kit that’s helping consumers across the country collect cash penalties from robocallers.

  • robocalls Dec 31, 2019

    Trump Signs Law to Reduce Robocalls, Though They Won’t End

    President Donald Trump has signed an anti-robocalls law that is expected to help Americans deal with the torrent of unwanted calls promising lower interest rates or pretending to be the IRS. The new law gives authorities more enforcement powers and could speed up measures the industry is already taking to identify robocalls. It also bars phone companies from charging for...

  • robocalls Dec 22, 2019

    Scammers Switching Tactics as Lawmakers Target Robocalls

    Lawmakers in Congress are trying to tramp down on robocalls, which have seen a big increase in the United States. However, experts say, scammers are adapting to the laws targeting them.

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