• Connecticut Sep 13, 2019

    How to Rehab Damaged Summer Hair

    After a summer full of sun, humidity and chlorine, our hair can use some rehab. Amanda Eberle, owner of Acure Eco Salon in West Hartford, Connecticut shares her tips for how to get your hair back to looking and feeling its best.

  • Facebook Jul 25, 2019

    Plant Lovers Find Each Other at Swaps, Online or in Person

    Plant lovers have long gotten together to trade seeds and growing advice, and the latest generation is following suit with modern plant swaps. The swaps (sometimes called plant exchanges) for amateur horticulturalists are popping up in homes, parking lots, trendy gardening stores and online. They’re about exchanging advice and meeting like-minded people, says 35-year-old Ana Carlson, who has attended several...

  • oil Jul 25, 2019

    Concrete Planters Are Easy, Cheap to Make

    What’s the difference between cement and concrete? In my case, about $9.55 pounds and a slightly sore back. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, cement is an ingredient in concrete, which also includes aggregates like sand, gravel or stone. I knew nothing about either product when I decided to try making some rustic/industrial planters suitable for small succulents....

  • Los Angeles Jun 27, 2019

    7 Great Items for a Small Apartment

    You don’t need a closet-sized apartment in New York City to enjoy saving a little space.

  • Facebook Jun 20, 2019

    Work Messaging Service Slack’s Value Jumps After Stock Debut

    Slack’s newly public shares aren’t slacking off. The work messaging service’s market value grew 60% after it started trading Thursday under the ticker “WORK.”

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Apr 8, 2019

    Pinterest Sets Sights on IPO

    Pinterest plans to put 75 million shares up for sale during its initial public offering 

  • Facebook Apr 8, 2019

    Pinterest Sets Sights on Raising $1.5B in First Public Share Offering

    Pinterest, among a gaggle of tech companies planning to go public this year, hopes to raise as much as $1.5 billion in its initial offering of shares. The digital scrapbooking site said in a regulatory filing Monday that it will put about 75 million shares up for sale at a price between $15 and $17 each. That, at the higher...

  • Congress Dec 18, 2018

    Key Takeaways From New Reports on Russian Disinformation

    Russians seeking to influence U.S. elections through social media had their eyes on Instagram and the black community. These were among the findings in two reports released Monday by the Senate intelligence committee. Separate studies from University of Oxford researchers and the cybersecurity firm New Knowledge reveal insights into how Russian agents sought to influence Americans by saturating their favorite...

  • Daniel Macht Oct 25, 2018

    5 Tricks to Clean Your Car (And Keep It Clean) Without Breaking a Sweat

    The internet is teeming with ideas on how to clean your car, but do they really work? If you travel with your perpetually hungry family (why are there always ketchup packets under the mat?), your continually shedding dog or your conspicuously smelly gym clothes, it’s time to get cleaning, my friend.

  • Canada Oct 3, 2018

    5 Tips for Saving Money and Time on Halloween Costumes

    Shopping for Halloween costumes doesn’t have to be scary. This year, shoppers can find more ways to save time and money. Discounters like Walmart and Target are expanding their costume offerings and creating designated sections where customers can find more of their Halloween needs in one place. And for the first time, Party City is offering an assortment of Halloween...

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