• Facebook Oct 3, 2019

    EU Court: Facebook Can Be Forced to Remove Content Worldwide

    The European Union’s highest court ruled Thursday that individual member countries can force Facebook to remove what they regard as unlawful material from the social network all over the world — a decision experts say could hinder free speech online and put a heavy burden on tech companies.

  • Donald Trump Jul 24, 2019

    Justice Department Launches Antitrust Probe of Big Tech

    The U.S. Department of Justice opened a sweeping antitrust investigation of major technology companies and whether their online platforms have hurt competition, suppressed innovation or otherwise harmed consumers. It said the probe will take into account “widespread concerns” about social media, search engines and online retail services. Its antitrust division is seeking information from the public, including those in the...

  • Los Angeles Jul 23, 2019

    Amazon Partners With Realogy, Sending the Real-Estate Brokerage Giant's Shares Soaring

    Realogy stock surged more than 25% in Tuesday’s premarket after it announced a deal with Amazon. The largest residential real estate brokerage company in the nation is partnering with the largest online retailer in the world in a strategy designed to boost sales for both. Realogy and Amazon will now offer TurnKey, a program that takes potential homebuyers through the...

  • attorney Jul 14, 2019

    California's Black Market for Weed Threatens Legal Businesses

    The parking lot outside a stark-looking dispensary on a busy Los Angeles street is almost full on a weekday afternoon. Inside, jars of weed line the shelves behind a counter and colorful signs show prices. But if everything looks normal, it isn’t. The dispensary is part of a booming black market. “The black market is a huge problem,” said Patricia...

  • Maryland Jan 1, 2019

    Maryland Homeowners Made About $57M From Airbnb Rentals in 2018

    Maryland homeowners who rented their property using the popular home-sharing website generated around $57 million in income in 2018.

  • transportation Sep 24, 2018

    Why the ‘Gig' Economy May Not Be the Workforce of the Future

    The “gig” economy might not be the new frontier for America’s workforce after all. From Uber to TaskRabbit to YourMechanic, so-called gig work has been widely seen as ideal for people who want the flexibility and independence that traditional jobs don’t offer. Yet the evidence is growing that over time, they don’t deliver the financial returns many expect. And they...

  • Facebook Jul 5, 2018

    European Lawmakers Reject Controversial Online Copyright Law

    Lawmakers in the European Parliament on Thursday rejected a new copyright proposal that digital rights campaigners said would have changed the free and open nature of the internet. Article 13 of the E.U. copyright directive would have held platforms like Google and Facebook responsible for enforcing copyright laws, requiring them to use content recognition technologies to filter out images, audio,...

  • PRESIDENT Oct 18, 2017

    Video of Teen Girls Shouting Racial Slur Under Investigation

    A video that appears to show five teenagers shouting a racial slur and expletive while laughing is under investigation by Utah school officials, a school district said Tuesday, and the NAACP has called for harsh punishment. The 10-second cellphone video was made by Weber High School students as they sat in a car, said Lane Findlay, a spokesman for the...

  • Professor Jun 26, 2017

    As Gadgets Enter the Classroom, Supplies Go From Old School to High Tech

    The days of notebooks, chalkboards and flour sack babies in schools across the country may be ending. Many of today’s schools are incorporating Chromebooks, Smart Boards, and even high-tech infant simulators that are taking the classroom into a highly digitized 21st century. As tablets, laptops and apps have taken hold with consumers in recent years, they have also gained a...

  • NBC Dec 9, 2015

    Online Group Anonymous Declares Friday ‘ISIS Trolling Day'

    Anonymous wants you. The online “hacktivist” group known as Anonymous is calling for people to fight against ISIL in a very modern way. They ask that people troll the terrorist group through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online platforms. Known as “hacktivists,” Anonymous is a collective of unknown hackers who have carried out various cyberattacks on governments and corporations. Following...

  • NBC Jan 24, 2015

    2 Marines Killed in Calif. Helicopter Training Crash: Military

    The military says two Marines were killed late Friday when their helicopter crashed during a training exercise in Southern California.

  • Pennsylvania Dec 31, 2014

    Man Charged After Trying to Meet 13-Year-Old Girl for Sex

    A South Carolina man has been jailed on charges he drove to western Pennsylvania hoping to have sex with a 13-year-old girl he met online.

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